Body Positivity!

One thing that we really care about here at Tickled Teal is making sure that everyone is able to feel comfortable and beautiful in the skin they are in. We want to put out pieces that are able to work for any body type and style. We sent the same outfit to 4 different people, all with different proportions, sizes, and lifestyles. It was such a positive experience and all 4 girls put their own twist on the outfit, and all look just as stunning! 
Body positivity is such a buzz word right now but does it stress anyone else out? I love that we are having these super important conversations around bodies and the unrealistic expectations set for us as women. But when I hear body positivity it makes me feel like I have to be positive about my body all the time. That’s just not realistic, no one is always happy or always having fun. We have a huge range of emotions and that’s okay! I think the most important thing we can do is love and care for our bodies. Say kind things to ourselves and get dressed in really fun outfits. The less time we spend focusing on how we look, the more time we can go out there and kick butt. That’s what I love about Tickled Teal clothes. They have so many fun and versatile pieces that make getting dressed super easy. I also love that they have an extended size range. Not many boutiques carry larger than a size Large which is what sets Tickled Teal apart. I always know I can find something that fits well at a great price. I can look cute and be confident which frees me up to do all the things I’ve been set here like host a podcast about not “weighting” to live our lives. to do none of which include stressing out about my body.
5'5 - Size 1-2X
- Tracy Vazquez, @thetracyvazquez 
Self Love and Positivity are some of the most important messages that can be put out into the world right now. I always try to express that no matter what lifestyle someone lives or what their personal style is that they can, and should feel beautiful. That leads me to one of my favorite things about Tickled Teal, they truly have pieces for EVERYONE. No matter what your body type is, your age, your location, or your budget... There is something for you! 
5'4 - Size Medium
- Britanny, @beezybee
As a brand rep I take pride in representing a brand that can make all women feel beautiful!! It’s important to truly feel beautiful as a woman. Not in a conceited or prideful way but in a healthy self-love way. That is the #1 reason why I love being an influencer for @tickledteal.️ They offer clothes that fit all body sizes, shapes, and styles. From the classic weekender skirt to an array of cardigans—they are constantly making women feel beautiful!!
5'0 - Size Small
- Heather, @savvyskirtgirl
Hey y’all! First thing first, my name is Bethany Henson! I’m a girl momma, and wifey to my best friend! I’m so excited to be here on Tickled Teal, sharing modest fashion! I am always trying to find that perfect fit with modest clothing that not only me, but my family, friends, and followers can feel comfortable in as women! Tickled Teal does it for me every time! Waking up and putting an outfit on I feel beautiful in for a normal day, going out, dinner date, etc. is a happier me! Tickled Teal has a wide variety of sizes and styles that compliment the inner beauty in all of us as women!
5'3 - Size Large
- Bethany Henson, @bethanyhenson_

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